11th September 2017

My dear friends

A new season starts with great changes for me as I will leave Paris soon ! Also I am extremely happy to see how much my new projects are appreciated : the Rääts Vol.1 & the Satie Vol.1 . Both extremely different but each of them a side of my works and researches.

For the news, I am also extremely happy to have been invited to perform for the Folle Journée de Nantes 2018. Also this season I will have great changes on my programs. Like I did in the past, i will have much more creations, also the return of Classic & Romantic repertoire and … some news with Satie !

Also my very first Piano Transcriptions had been released by Pix n’ Love, a very freely and virtuoso adaptation of Final Fantasy 6 music (Link here) ! And… if things are going as plan, there will be also release of more of my electroacoustic compositions as well ! Keep tuned !

I still can’t tell you my futur projects, but … if you read carefully my musical programs … you can have a glimpse of it !


Musically yours !





15th February 2017

My dear friends

One year without an update ! I can’t believe it !

So many things happened this year, with all the releases, the concerts , the préparations for the forthcoming concerts, some fantastic meetings and discoveries (soon you will know more) , and like everyone some terrible deception too… in one word : life !

It took me a while to update as we are working on a 3rd version of this website, but with all the news, it became more than necessary. Last time i discovered that each time i was adding an album, the oldest one became not available … this is not very good … (this website has shown its limitation)

Also i finally completed the 2016 Calendar and created a 2017 one ! You will see there are some very nice concerts on the way !

Also for the albums, i reached the end of my Philip Glass Journey. The GlassWorlds Vol. 1 to 5 are now available. I must thank you ! Yes the critics and the public feedback were just wonderful ! To the point that Naxos did me the wonderful surprise to do a Vinyl (33 rpm) Best off !! Also some tracks are available on the Naxos « Award Winning Classical Music » playlist / sampler album !  What an honor !!!

Anyway, you can purchase the (really) fantastic Glass LP at this link


Also, i have to appologize myself for the few news on the social medias. No, no i was really not into depression. On the other hand i was preparing you some forthcoming albums ! I can’t tell you yet what it will be, but …. Yes I am extremely proud of them !!! (and no, Nothing linked with Glass music at all!)

I am looking forward seeing you at any of my concert. Please do not hesitate to talk to me after ! Even after a 12 hours recital, i will be extremely happy to listen to your feedbacks !!!!



16th February 2016

My dear friends

So long time no update! No i am not dead (even if a strong sickness forced me to cancel 2 concerts, something that never happened yet!). In late november a computer crash forced me to take a new one then… nothing was working very well anymore (and with my activities, it takes long before making everything great). But no, i was not inactive at all!

Now the 2016 page had just been created, and more important, the GlassWorlds Vol.3 had been released ! And first critics are really excellent !!!!!

You can find it on your best audio seller :




And as usual , i prepared some very nice promo video !!!

a classical one

an artistic one


Also, some other news :

Last 1st Feb, I was invited to France Musique by Les Lundis de la Contemporaine that wished to do a portrait of myself and my implication with the music of our time.


(in french)

I received the confirmation that this summer i will give masterclasses (and concerts) for the 3rd Alion Baltic International Festival (from 30 July to 7th August)

If you want to know more (or to register) , go here :



Hope to see you numerous !!!!



21st December 2015

My dear friends

Long time no news, as many knows, i was extremely busy with all the different concerts, the preparation of forthcoming albums and also new great projects too !

I can’t tell much so far , but … keep an eye on Jaan Rääts. I got recent brilliant success with this composer , in Paris, in Ukrain and also during a brilliant recital for the Closing day of the Milan 2015 Expo invited at the Estonian Pavillon !

Until then the great new : the forthcoming GlassWorlds Vol.3 « The Metamorphosis » will be released the 1st of January 2016 !!!! Of course there is what you asked me for so long : the Metamorphosis , and … the Trilogy Sonata and …. 3 world premieres !!!! Yes !!!! 3 !!!! you want more ? of course i have that for you : one of the world premiere is a « pre-minimalist » composition of Philip Glass !!! Yes !!!!

Also …. well … i must confess that this is my favorite album so far ! I really enjoy listen to it ! Only few weeks wiating before getting it !

Here you can have a link to pre-order it :


And as usual , 2 promo videos !

A classical one with me at the piano :


and an artistic one from a fantastic Kiev team



4th October 2015

My dear friends

A great new, i am very glad to tell you that everything had been sent for the forthcoming GlassWorlds #3 album ! You will have more news about it pretty soon. But … if you liked the 2 other volumes, this one will be …. huge !!!

Also there should be some more GlassWorlds concerts : Odessa in November, 2 around Bordeaux in December and … some should also happen in Jan!

The GlassWorlds #2 is still continuing his path and for the ones who still don’t have it … I have a great surprise !

Great promo vidéo  :

For Nature Lovers , SYNOPSYS delivered their vision of the 11th Etude


Enjoy !!!


5th September 2015

My dear friends, so sorry for the few news, i was most of the summer very away from internet, as everything until end july was mad and packed, i needed some days off.

But there are news, first of all i am extremely happy to tell you that the Philip Glass album #2 is very soon to be out ! Yes the Complete Philip Glass etudes on 1 cds !!! As you already saw on the Carnegie Promo video , expect some higly virtuoso Etudes ! In this way i made the great composers own words a reality « I was considering [the Chopin / Liszt piano etudes tradition] when I was composing » 

Also some other news : The 6th of September  in Orlando’s  Timucua White House i will do the American Premiere of the Complete Piano works of Philip Glass, including the American Hommages from my GlassWorlds project ! And …. 5 days prior to the USA launch, you will be able to buy my Glass #2 album !!!

Some links :

a nice article about Orlando forthcoming concert

Orlando concert place


GLASS ALBUM 2 on iTunes

soon more news about exciting new projects and concerts, stay tuned !!

6th July 2015

A short article, as i am just back from Nice and i am going to the 1st mini Glass recital. Beware all the dates and location of the 2 Complete Glass in all Paris had been updated ! Many changed ! Later i will do a longer new about those crazy days !

27 June 2015

The GlassWorlds 1 album is still going well, the works for the GlassWorlds 2 is « almost » done ! This sunday i will be finally able to upload everything to Naxos ! We also are starting to work on the GlassWorlds 3. There should be some little « surprises » I am sure you will like !

The Complete Erik Satie is still going well : as i was surprised of the duration of some tracks (due to the use of historical piano that really changed all the tempi i am use to work with) all the last december session will be released not in 2 doubles albums, but on a triple album !

Another new that i can’t still belive : there will be releases of my very own electroacoustic compositions ! So far only some tracks, but next fall and in 2016 2 albums : Dreaming Awake (Belarca Records) & 24 Electroacoustic Preludes (Demerara Records)

For now the forthcoming concerts are :

30th May to 1st June : Erik SATIE ‘s Vexations : a 24 hours solo non stop version at Radio France ! Of course it will end for Satie ‘s 90th death Anniversary and … if you stay little longer there will be some surprises : a pre-listen of GlassWorlds 2 & Satie triple album  !

4th July : my every summer recital at home, Lantosque, a varied program : Satie, Scriabin, Rääts, Uematsu, Curran and of course … Glass !

from 6th July to 13 July : 2 Complete Philip Glass piano music in all Paris with Play me I’m Yours, all details on the Calendar part of this website !