18th October 2018

My dear friends


In one year, so many news to share with you !

This website was in sleep as was supposed to be redesigned it totally (the actual 3rd version is there since 5 years already).

So, today the Calendar is finally updated with all Nicolas’ 2018 Concerts !

Unfortunately, this website « album » part can’t be updated (it’s full!). But here are new albums :

Satie Vol.2 , Satie Vol.3 , Complete Karl August Hermann

There will be soon new projects, until their release… stay tuned !

For the ones able to understand french, you can listen to a concert-portrait Nicolas did in France Musique some months ago : Nicolas interview in Tapage Nocturne

And something new : at last, it is possible to watch online (and for free) Nicolas’ latest concert at Paris Philharmonie with all the Erik Satie Piano Music : CultureBox HD version   YouTube standard version


Musically yours



11th September 2017

My dear friends

A new season starts with great changes for me as I will leave Paris soon ! Also I am extremely happy to see how much my new projects are appreciated : the Rääts Vol.1 & the Satie Vol.1 . Both extremely different but each of them a side of my works and researches.

For the news, I am also extremely happy to have been invited to perform for the Folle Journée de Nantes 2018. Also this season I will have great changes on my programs. Like I did in the past, i will have much more creations, also the return of Classic & Romantic repertoire and … some news with Satie !

Also my very first Piano Transcriptions had been released by Pix n’ Love, a very freely and virtuoso adaptation of Final Fantasy 6 music (Link here) ! And… if things are going as plan, there will be also release of more of my electroacoustic compositions as well ! Keep tuned !

I still can’t tell you my futur projects, but … if you read carefully my musical programs … you can have a glimpse of it !


Musically yours !